Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kaadi?

Kaadi is a mobile app that makes it easy for you to create group videos with your friends to celebrate someone you care about & make their day.

When I send a Kaadi does the receiver need to have the app?

No, they can actually view it through the web and decide if they want to download the app later.

How do the contributors get invited?

If they have the app they get a notification if not they get a text message with a link.

Do I need an email to sign up?

No, but it helps to add your email address during signup to better protect and manage your account.

How do I create a Kaadi?

Everything starts with the plus sign.

Can I share to social media?

Yes, we have a share button to share the Kaadi video to your friends on social media.

Can I request features?

Of course! Just email us at

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