Our Mission

Bring people closer together to create moments that matter, making it easy to express a range of human emotions

Image of a group of friends and a woman holding a phone


We express a range of emotions, sometimes we’re witty, sometimes we cry, sometimes we give love, sometimes we want to be loved, sometimes we're confident and sometimes we're shy.

Kaadi is a community-oriented video greeting app. We provide the easiest way for groups of people to come together and collaboratively create group videos to celebrate any key event. Think birthdays, weddings, graduations, Mother’s day or just picking up that friend
that’s had a hard time recently. Kaadi is there to automate the
frustrating process of creating group video compilations, allowing
you to enjoy creating together and make someone’s day.

One of the best parts of gift-giving is seeing their reaction. With Kaadi, you get to see their reactions and feel connected even when you’re far away.

Kaadi has an array of user-friendly features to make the video creation process go smoothly. You can use prompts to see your notes while recording. Tell short stories. Connect videos to tell larger stories. Mark the moment with illustrations. Come together in one simple place with group chats that disappear when no longer needed. Kaadi makes gift-giving a little simpler, so you can focus on the bigger picture — building deeper and stronger connections.

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